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Spider Two Suit Solitaire free online game

Spider 2 Suit Solitaire ✔ Totally free online solitaire games in your browser ✔ No download is needed ✔ Best solitaire card games on

Play Spider 2

Solitaire is a wonderful means for getting rid of boredom and brain training. But if you like to meet more complicated challenges, card game Spider (2 suits) will become an excellent alternative to your recreational activities.

There are three variations of Spider differing in number of suits and, accordingly, in the degree of difficulty.

  • 1 suit – «beginner», simple game for beginning users;
  • 2 suits − «amateur», for more practiced players;
  • 4 suits – «professional», increased complexity, all suits are used in the game.

It allows any player with various capabilities and training to choose a comfortable game mode. Let's learn more about playing the Spider solitaire (2 suits).

The basic rules of the game

There is a hint in the name of the game: you use here the cards of two suits – Hearts and Spades, laid in ten piles. There are 104 cards (52 cards of Hearts and 52 of Spades). They are laid down so that a player can see only the top cards, while the other cards are closed.

Also in the corner of the screen there is a deferred pile that you can use when there is no other possibility to move. Keep in mind that they will cover the top cards of all the 8 piles. The main task of a player is to clear the table from all the cards. For this, you need to arrange the cards on the principle of descending order where the highest card here is King, and the lowest is Ace.

That is, in result you should get a column of cards in the correct sequence starting be King which is followed by Queen, Jack, 10, ……2 and completed by Ace.

And what’s equally important: the columns should consist of the cards of the same suit. Nevertheless, you are allowed to create the chains with cards of different suits in descending order but in that case you can’t move the all pile to another column (you can move only the
top card). Because moving of chain of cards from one column to another is possible only if it consists of the cards of the same suit.

Card patience Spider with 2 suits – possible moves

As noted earlier, you can replace cards from one column to another. Here are the important rules of replacing of cards:

  • you may place a top card of any pile to an empty cell;
  • a card’s pile of one suit lying in the correct sequence can be replaced as one card.

Putting cards on each other you create a chain of sequences and gradually open cards face down. As soon you’ve succeeded in assembling of card’s pile, they disappear from the screen. And so step by step you clear the playing field moving nearer to the main goal.

When you play the solitaire Spider with two suits, it may happen that the sell remains empty. In this case you can put on it any other card or sequence of cards of the same suit.

If you don’t have any possible moves even after using the all deferred cards then the patience will not work. However you can always try to play solitaire Spider with 2 suits once more because it’s not only fascinating but also useful.

We should notice that is trains logic thinking, savvy, concentration and also it really helps to get distracted and focus on.

Stocktaking and recommendations

Some friendly recommendations for comfortable passage:

  • we don’t advise to get carried away by moving on each other of cards of the different
    suit because it can lead to complex situations;
  • use the deferred pile of cards only as a last resort because it’s not always easy
    (impossible sometimes) to create new combinations after new cards are put down;
  • if you have a possibility to transfer a column, take some time to consider before
    moving cards because often more convenient alternative appears.

The advantages of playing Spider solitaire (2 suits)

If you have the desire to play Spider solitaire (2 suits), you can do it online on our web site. The main advantage of format of a flash game is that you can play right in your browser without registration and downloading of any complementary programs.

Besides, developers please with variable background images and design variations of back of the cards letting players to configure the theme for your own taste.

Thanks to understandable control, simple interface and gameplay, the game fits for almost all ages. And possibility of using an undo and getting a hint makes passage of the game easier and more comfortable.

After completing the game you are being given the statistic from which you can realize how much moves you’ve made, what time you’ve spend for game and how much moves you’ve abolished.

Of course, the less moves you make the better. If you will play Spider solitaire (1 suit) online for free at least 15-20 minutes and 2-3 times per week then the chances of getting into the top ranking players to honing your skills in the card game increase.

Have you set a new record on that level? Show up yourself in the next part of card solitaire: Spider (4 suits). Good luck!