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Varieties of the Spider game

Varieties of the Spider game

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Varieties of the Spider game

There are several versions of the game for users. You can choose a suitable variation, deciding which level of difficulty you are more interested in:

1. Traditional Spider solitaire, where all cards of the same suit are used. This is the easiest variant of layouts.

2. Another kind of game Spider is a layout, where two suits are used. This type of solitaire is the most interesting and does not differ significantly in complexity. The task of the user is to collect the columns in which all the cards will be of the same color and will follow a specified hierarchy.

3. Most difficult variation of the game is the one where four suits are used at once. According to statistics, about 30% of games converge in such layouts.

However, if you will use the "cancel move" button, you can increase this probability to 50%. This solitaire is recommended to play the real professionals who are not afraid to face difficulties. There is also a kind of program in which the user does not play on time, but for points.

We recommend that you try to play all versions of the layout "Spider" to choose the one that is best suited for you. Spend time for solitaire games with pleasure.