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Rules for the layout of Spider solitaire

Rules for the layout of Spider solitaire

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Rules for the layout of Spider solitaire

In order to play solitaire Spider, use two decks of 52 cards. At the initial stage, 54 cards are evenly spread out into the playing field in 10 stacks. Thus, before the users, there are four columns of 6 cards and 6 columns of 5 cards. The remaining 50 cards are placed in five small packs of 10 pieces each. In each stack, all cards are shirts up, except the last. The user can move the cards from one column to another. In doing so, he is guided by the following rules:

• The top card of one column can be moved on the card, which follows the seniority, regardless of its color and suit, if the standard layout of the Spider is used, or a game with several suits;

• A user has the right to move both one card and several cards at once;

• If one of the columns has been dismantled and a free space is available on the playing field, you can place any card on it.

The game program will automatically open the top card of the stack if it is automatically released. Once you have compiled a full column of cards that follow one after the other from the king to the ace, that column is retracted into the “house”. In case there are no moves, you can take one of the decks that lie below. The cards are placed on top of the stacks with a new line. It is important to note that the cards from the decks from the bottom will not be decomposed if there is an empty space on the table. The main goal of the game is to collect all the cards in the home.