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A strategy of the correct game of Spider solitaire

A strategy of the correct game of Spider solitaire

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A strategy of the correct game of Spider solitaire

Spider is one of the most popular card solitaires. The main task that faces a player is to decompose cards in the correct sequence from Ace to King, keeping the hierarchy. If during the unfolding of cards the user sees that there is nothing more to move, he needs to click on the deck, which is located in the lower left corner, to open another row of cards.

Solitaire helps to relax in breaks between working, get distracted on trips, or during study time. Despite the fact that the game is relatively simple, it is better to study in advance the features of the strategy. This will help you quickly learn how to handle cards, and also to understand what the essence of the game is. Of course, there are no clear rules by which to play, and each user develops tactics on their own, but to form it will help useful tips.

Follow these guidelines:

• Disassemble the longest stacks of cards at the beginning of collecting solitaire;

• Before opening a new deck below for the next line in the game board, try to move all the cards to each other as fully as possible;

• If you managed to free one of the stacks completely, it is not recommended to place the king there. This decision is not always correct. It would be better if you put there the card that prevents you. This can be a card that is on one of the stacks and does not allow you to move it. If there are no such stacks, it would be a good idea to move a card from the column where there are still closed items. So you can sort out the column as quickly as possible. Give preference to those columns where more closed cards exist;

• This recommendation follows from the one mentioned above. A good advice is to keep the level of all the columns in a game space roughly equal. In the event that one of the columns is much larger than the others, this will significantly complicate the game process, as well as increase the necessary number of moves;

• If you see that there is a full deck from the Ace to the King in a playing space, but it is spread out in different columns, you can safely remove it from a game space, as in the solitaire this collected sequence does not represent a practical interest in the game.

This recommendation is relevant not only for the classic spider, where one suit is used but also for a game where two suits or four are used at once. The optimal recommendation for those layouts where there are two or four suits will be a tip not to compile columns of cards from different suits. Try to shift the columns in such a way that the cards of the same suit are originally collected.