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Spider One Suit Solitaire free online game

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Play Spider

Meet classical and popular game card solitaire Spider (1 suit) that is represented now in online format on our website. It is fast loading, free and still interesting.

Spider is traditionally divided into three levels of difficulty depending on training and skills degree of a player. Each level differs in number of suits used in the game.

  • 1 suit – «beginner»
  • 2 suits − «amateur»
  • 4 suits – «professional».

Perhaps, the best part of this is to improve gradually your game skills, to become more confident and to observe your advancing from «beginner» to «professional». Today we will try to play patience Spider with one suit. It’s quite simple, by the way, because Spider (1 suit) is the easiest level of the game where every player can try his hand.

How to play for free the patience Spider with one suit

There are 104 cards used in the game divided into ten piles. Each of the cards is of the same suit, generally, of Spades. You need to arrange the cards on the “from the highest to the lowest” principle. For example, King is put down by Queen, 3 by 2 and, and so on.

In the Spider the highest card in a deck is King, and the lowest is Ace. Don’t forget after completing the arrangement of card to put 2 on Ace to finish the arrangement. That is, finally you need to dismantle all the 10 piles from King to Ace putting them in 8 cells.

The game is won when every suit is assembled in a pile in the correct sequence (as we’ve already said “from the highest to the lowest”). If you don’t see any necessary cards for game continuing, use a deck of cards deferred in the corner of the screen.

Then 10 new cards will open and cover the cards laying in ten piles randomly. There are 50 cards in the deferred pile, which can either help or impede. As they say, “if one's luck changes” because the chance factor is always present in online Spider solitaire.

There is no doubt that tactics matter in the game and effect on the game’s outcome. But there is always a possibility that the solitaire won’t work (because of the bad way the cards fall). Don’t get upset if this situation happens, keep trying and develop you skills. Because solitaire just as crossword puzzles or math problems develops your brainpower and, moreover, patience, concentration and attentiveness.

What moves you can make

The structure of online Spider solitaire with one suit is set up in the way that cards are placed face down and player can see only the top cards face up. But putting cards on each other you create a chain of sequences and gradually open cards face down.

During the game you can replace cards from one column to another. The important rules of replacing of cards.

  • You may place a top card of any pile to an empty cell;
  • A card’s pile of one suit lying in the correct sequence can be replaced as one card;
  • A top card of a column can be placed on a card of one higher value.

As soon as you have assembled a card’s pile in the correct sequence, it disappears from the screen. The aim of the Spider solitaire is to clear the table completely. Try to play it online, it’s pretty easy and fascinating. What is more, because of possibility to use the hints or undo the gaming process becomes more comfortable and simple.

Stocktaking and recommendations

Some friendly adviсes:

  • We advise to take some time to consider, to review in the first place all the top cards noting for yourself the highest cards to think about tactics;
  • Also don’t use the deferred pile of cards before checking carefully every column. Because it’s not always easy (impossible sometimes) to create new combinations after new cards are put down;
  • If Tableau spot opens, it’s better to start arranging from the highest card;
  • As a rule, chains beginning with King are more successful;
  • If there is an opportunity to free the columns, open cards face down. Then you will have more ways for replacing.

We should also notice that the online game is represented in good quality, with comfortable interface and different thematic design variations of back of the cards and of background image.

After completing the game you are being given the statistic from which you can realize how much moves you’ve made, what time you’ve spend for game and how much moves you’ve abolished. Of course, the less moves you make, all the better. If you will play Spider solitaire (1 suit) online for free at least 15-20 minutes and 2-3 times per week then the chances of getting into the top ranking players increase.

Did you enjoy Spider with one suit? You would probably like other parts of card solitaire. Check out the more complicated levels: Spider (2 suits), Spider (4 suits).