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Alex Sorokin
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Klondike rules

Klondike solitaire turn one ant turn three rules in our classic game

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Klondike rules

There is one deck of 52 cards that is used in classic game. You can see only the top cards, while the other cards are laid face down. The patience’s aim is to build the sequence of cards in ascending order in each of four “foundations”. “foundations” are the empty sells that are placed in the right part of a game field. In Klondike online Ace is the lowest card and King is the highest one. The sequence of cards in every pile have to be started by Ace and completed by King. In this, there can be only the cards of the same suit in each foundation. You’re allowed to put a card to another card of higher value but you should alternate between red and black colors. For example, you can put black 3 on red 4. To summarize, start the chain by Ace, then put 2,3 under it and so on in ascending order, completing by King.

Turn One and Turn Three different

In turn three game every move from stack pull three extra cards to deck