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Klondike Solitaire Turn One free online game

Klondike Solitaire Turn One ✔ Totally free online solitaire games in your browser ✔ No download is needed ✔ Best solitaire card games on

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The Klondike game is probably the most ancient solitaire’s variation. In addition to the desk variation and version of standard app in Windows system you can play Klondike online at any time you want. If you’re only starting to get acquainted with the game, let’s consider how to play the Klondike solitaire competently.

The purpose and rules of the game

The game’s rules are pretty easy especially if you’ve already had skills and experience in card games. There is one deck of 52 cards that is used in classic game. You can see only the top cards, while the other cards are laid face down. The patience’s aim is to build the sequence of cards in ascending order in each of four “foundations”. “foundations” are the empty sells that are placed in the right part of a game field. In Klondike Ace is the lowest card and King is the highest one. The sequence of cards in every pile have to be started by Ace and completed by King. In this, there can be only the cards of the same suit in each foundation. You’re allowed to put a card to another card of higher value but you should alternate between red and black colors. For example, you can put black 3 on red 4. To summarize, start the chain by Ace, then put 2,3 under it and so on in ascending order, completing by King.

Possible moves

In Klondike you can move the right card sequences from one column to another. For this you should hold left mouse button on the top card and move the all chain to another column. If you don’t see any possible moves click on the deck in the upper left corner to open extra cards. You can take a card from the deck putting it in a game. You can put into appeared empty cell only King or a chain in the right sequence that starts with King. The solitaire is completed when all foundations are filled up in the right sequence. There is point’s counting in a game and players that have scored the greatest amount of points during the smallest period of time are getting into the list of leaders It should be noted that you have an access to the hints, move’s cancelations and possibility to replay the game.

Why it’s worth playing the “Klondike” solitaire online

Play the world-famous patience games from “FreeCell” to “Klondike” that are assembles in convenient format on our website. Klondike in classic style is still actual nowadays. Therefore all necessary parameters of settings are available on our web site for making the game simple and comfortable. If you want you can change background images and design variations of back of the cards for your own taste. Besides, online “Klondike” is free card patience where you can play without registration and extra purchases. There are some variations of Klondike on the web site that differ by level of difficulty:

The point of the game is similar to classic solitaire but there are more cards are given in deferred deck. Therefore the possibility of winning decrease but the game is just getting more interesting.

Develop your logic thinking and attentiveness by playing

It’s a mistake to think that there is no use in playing the patience games. Because the games are one of the most exciting and simple way to develop your mental abilities. In the list of games that develop logic there are also patience games. It’s proved that workers that play the solitaire 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times per week are more workable and considerate. Also the card games are the best means for concentration, getting away from the daily routine and just killing the time. Thanks to understandable and simple control and different levels of difficulty, the card games fit for almost all ages. Join the fascinating world of patience games and become more experienced in card fights!